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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

On the way to Highfield

Addingham Walk
I was quite soon walking in open countryside, up a gentle incline with lovely views back down to Addingham and Rombalds Moor in the distance. The autumn colour has not been particularly outstanding this year round here but it's nonetheless pleasing to see the warm bronze tones, especially when the sun lights up the last remaining leaves. 

I was glad that the path was very clear and I just had to head for the next stile in the walls separating the fields. When I reached the stile in the photo below, which had stone steps and a little gate, I had to duck down under the low-hanging tree branch just at the other side. It made me wonder which came first, the stile or the tree...

This ruined 18th century building is called High Laithe. Laithe means 'barn' or 'granary' and this barn seems to have been for hay storage and winter shelter for cattle. It has some interesting old gateposts, with huge holes that once would have held timber 'crooks' as gate hinges, when iron was in short supply.


  1. The old ruins are quite evocative. What a beautiful landscape to be in.

  2. I like that sort of country - high enough plenty of stone walls but still low enough for trees to grow.

  3. This looks like it was a fabulous walk!

  4. You live in such a beautiful place.