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Sunday, 26 November 2017

River Wharfe at Addingham

Addingham walk
The stretch of the River Wharfe from Bolton Abbey to Ilkey is really pleasant so, once I accessed The Dalesway path, it was an easy stroll back to my car, parked in Addingham. The sun played peek-a-boo behind a bank of low cloud, which was a bit annoying. When it came out, the colours in the water and autumn trees were beautiful. There were a few birds about, although had I stopped and watched awhile I'm sure I might have seen more. I saw some grey wagtails bobbing on the rocks, a few mallards lazily cruising and a female goosander. She was busily diving for food; they stay underwater for ages and then pop up again, sometimes quite a way from where they disappeared.


  1. A grand portrait of the River Wharfe, just as I picture it in my mind. I don't think the Goosanders are down here yet; I certainly haven't seen any yet this winter.

  2. Wonderful light in these two images Jenny. Bird spotting is so enjoyable, especially when you get a good shot like this, they can be so tricky ✨

  3. We don't have that kind of bird here, but it is a pretty one. I've seen others here that submerge in rivers and come up quite a way from where they started as well.

  4. Your river page is quite lovely.