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Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Walk with God

Grassington Methodist Chapel, housed in a building dating back to 1811, has its roots back in the 1780s when John Wesley came to preach in the town, to a large crowd in the open air. By 1851, there were over 300 men, women and children attending services. The congregation is no doubt a lot smaller these days, but it is clear the chapel is well cared for by thoughtful people and still plays a key part in the local community. 

I was delighted by the little murals painted in the arches. 

There were pretty vases of fresh flowers on the windowsills and an invitation to 'eat your picnic' on the bench and enjoy the garden and the view - which I duly did, feeling welcomed.


  1. St.Bonifatius, a13th Cent. Münster here in Hameln has 2640 members. On a given Sunday just 35 people turn up. So few, that the crypt is used. Most are elderly female, the Pastorin also.

  2. How nice of them to put that welcoming sign out, Jenny!

  3. The scene on each mural is quite different. I wonder how the artist(s) chose them.