Thursday, 2 May 2019

Canalside again

I didn't have a walk planned last Sunday but it was such a lovely day that decided I had to get out. I set off a bit vaguely, headed for the stretch of the Leeds-Liverpool Canal between Riddlesden and Keighley, which I haven't walked... ever? Well, certainly not for a very long time. It starts off in a fairly built-up area but the houses are nice, with gardens down to the canalside, all rather beautiful.

The canal, sited mid-way up the valley side, skirts Keighley town but you get good views across the valley - and eventually across Keighley Golf Club's greens.

Out here, it's more rural and peaceful. Since we've had a little rain in the last few days, suddenly everywhere is looking very green and lush.

I noticed a pretty white butterfly - maybe a green-veined white? (I'm not much good at identifying them.)

There are broods of newly hatched ducklings all along the canal. This mama looks a bit of a hybrid, so I imagine the ducklings will grow up hybrid too - if, indeed, they are lucky enough to grow up at all. It's sad how the early numbers, 7 in this case, seem to dwindle, often to just a couple as they grow.

As I paused to take a photo of the bluebell haze in the woods on the other bank, a couple were passing by in the opposite direction. The lady stopped and asked if I'd been in the nature reserve. Nature reserve? No, I didn't even know there was one. So she gave me directions. It wasn't much further to walk - and what a treat that proved to be....


  1. It's certainly stating to look like proper Spring, even though sharp frosts are forecast for the weekend. Looks a nice walk.

  2. Lovely view of the town across the golf course!

  3. That last shot is my favourite.

  4. After much rain sixty seven years ago, on 17th May 1952 the Leeds and Liverpool Canal breached the embankment above Keighthley golf course. Positioned as it was on the unlocked 17-mile pound between Skipton and Binghley, the hole could not have appeared at a worse place. Vast amounts of stones, earth and water engulfed the golf course. The damage was immense and it took over one year to repair it.