Thursday, 30 May 2019

Down on the beach

Wales:  I normally live so far from the coast that it is a real treat to be down by the sea, breathing the fresh, salty air and feeling the sand beneath my feet. Poppit Sands is a lovely mix of dunes, rocks, rock pools, clean sand and a gently shelving shoreline. Something for everyone.

The birds are dunlin.

I cannot claim ownership of the sandcastle but it was impressive, like the real castles for which Wales is justly famous. I particularly liked the crenellations along the walls.


  1. I have seen Scottish cows eating seaweed. Apparently it is very nutritious.

  2. I love the coast of ocean, the meeting of two elements (or 3 including the wind!) These are beautiful photos, would make a good collection framed and arranged on a wall!

  3. I love to be down at the sea too. Great sand castle!

  4. What a lovely time you seem to have had. As an old woman, I have become interested in geology, and am awestruck at the rocks, all with evidence of previously having laid flat on this earth for many years, long enough to accumulate eons of sediment, and they've been tossed on their side on the coast of Wales. And then today's birds, grasses, and waves are all present as well. Lovely series of photos.