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Tuesday, 21 July 2020

A visit to Harlow Carr

Visitor attractions are gradually starting to reopen in the UK, mostly with booking systems and social distancing measures. It wasn't a hard decision for me to make my first proper trip out a visit to the RHS gardens at Harlow Carr. It is, after all, one of my favourite places and usually furnishes me with some reasonable photos. Of course, when you book ahead, you can't rely on the weather and it was disappointingly drizzly and cold. Never mind, the gardens are looking wonderful and it was worth making the journey. 

I don't recall seeing the stag sculpture before. I really liked it. On the other side of the path there were similar sculptures of a doe and a fawn but, without the dark background, they didn't show up well enough for a photo.  

The long borders are starting to fill out and the streamside is at its best right now, with huge candelabra primulas providing some colour.  

A moorhen chick had boldly strayed quite a long way from its parent.

There are some new beds full of 'annual' mixes - rather prettily colour-restricted: one predominantly blue and white; another blue, white and yellow; another yellow and purple - all very effective in such large drifts. 

There are attractive little 'set pieces' all around too; I liked the solid pot and the soft grasses together. 

Old stone steps leading up to a bench were hard to capture in a photo as it was a dark little corner, so I am quite pleased with this one after some careful processing. 


  1. Harlow Carr looks lovely! I too could spend hours in there.

  2. A lovely spot. I like that sculpture too.

  3. Oh, my! Those borders! And your photos are wonderful!

  4. I do like your work on the steps leading to the bench. Just what I would be looking for, after enjoying all the beautiful flowers!

  5. Despite the weather the gardens did not let you, or us, down Jenny. What a very beautiful series of shots here. Loved your second shot taking the long perspective down along the flower boarders 🌸🌼💮🌺💙