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Wednesday, 15 July 2020

Bramble art

I shall have to gee myself up to make some trips further afield, as I am running out of/getting bored with pictures of the immediate locality. I'm still a little wary of the virus situation, not convinced it's advisable to come out of lockdown yet but I am perhaps too cautious.

In an effort to find some inspiration, on a walk back from Shipley, I decided I'd look for square format pictures, just using my phone. I quite like this one. Bramble throws out exploratory creepers and is really rather a tatty plant, albeit it can produce luscious blackberries in the right spot. I don't think this one will bear fruit but I loved the vibrant colour against the fading graffiti on the wall.


  1. Your immediate area is so lovely!

  2. I had a lovely Golden Retriever, he was gorgeous. Because it sounds so English I named him "Bramble". He had far more fans than I do. I am known as "Bramble's Herrchen".

  3. Excellent study of textures...and color saturation.