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Sunday, 12 July 2020

Crazy paving

Saltaire may be a great place to live but its streets are not paved with gold. Instead you'll find yourself tramping pavements made of good old Yorkshire stone. It can be slippery when wet but it has a nice patina, with all sorts of random marks and subtle colourations. I thought it would make an interesting pattern image.


  1. In the early 50s,when I lived at Amelia Street,all the roads and streets had steps ( cobbles ). Washing hung out to dry across the streets had to be taken down when the coalman's van made its rounds.Happy days with my parents ( Jim, Eva ) and my brothers and sisters ( Clive,Denise,Nigel,Andrea ).

  2. That's such a neat idea. But what do the residents of Saltaire think of the strange woman who takes pictures of the flagstones?

  3. It does look very nice. I like your pretty profile picture.