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Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Action on the river

There was a fabulous sky when I was walking by the river.  It was good to see the rowers back in action too, though I was amused to see that this guy (apparently a novice) managed to fall in seconds after I took the shot! He was in the process of turning to return to the bank and I guess there is quite a current right there just in front of the weir. He obviously didn't take it into account! The river at that point doesn't seem too deep so he managed to swim or wade to the bank pulling the boat. Meanwhile various people rushed from the boathouse with ropes in case he needed help. I tried not to laugh.


  1. Maybe that is why the willow is weeping....

  2. What a beautiful serene moment you captured. And did you also capture the follow up?

  3. Great sky, paddler being immortalized with your camera, and now we all know the point in time changed dramatically. That makes the photo even nicer in it's moment in time.