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Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Golf, anyone?

Addingham walk
Bracken Ghyll Golf Club may enjoy some of the best views in England! I'm not sure what green I was standing beside but the view over to Beamsley Beacon is stunning.

A little further on I passed a beautiful old house called Highfield House, which dates from about 1780 and has unusually large windows for its period. Sadly the surrounding hedges were too high for a decent photo. A little further on though, I came to Highfield Farm, a laithe-house, where the farmhouse and barn are connected in one long-house. It dates back to about 1800, and to be honest it looked like it could use a bit of TLC. An ancient house like this, in such an exposed spot, must take a lot of looking after. A gaggle of geese and some hens in the yard didn't take any notice of me, thankfully.

Crossing the fields beyond the farm, the views are extraordinary. A stile crosses the ancient medieval boundary of Addingham Parish, which was marked by a serpentine wall and ditch. The path then follows a farm track, and the area is dotted with crumbling old barns and drystone walls. 


  1. Three lovely photos, though I would think it's a bit exposed for either farming or golf when the wind is blowing hard. The farm picture is stunning.

  2. I use to enjoy whenever i see greens all around me.They give refresh to our eyes. Old house looks good with duck and hens around them:)

  3. Just love your three photographs here.
    Thanks for sharing.

    All the best Jan

  4. The English outback is beautiful.

  5. Three lovely photos. Why do I keep telling you your photos are gorgeous? They all are.