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Monday, 27 July 2020

Banana boat?

I've passed this vibrant yellow barge a few times, as it is usually moored at Shipley Wharf. I've mentally christened it 'the banana boat'! I believe it belongs to a charity, the JAMES Project (Joint Activities and Motor Education Service) which works with disadvantaged and 'at risk' young people to provide: 'an effective, caring and understanding environment where young people and families can overcome disadvantage and lack of provision to achieve their full potential in life through the enthusiastic delivery of relevant education, training and leisure opportunities.' Good stuff. They have workshops in several places and their marine division is based here in Shipley. 

Such bright colours made for equally cheerful reflections. 


  1. Somehow my youngest son was eligible for some Marine Biology course for disadvantaged kids out of Mayport FL, on some kind of boat (I don't think a shrimp boat, but it's possible.) He got a credit for high school, and 4 weeks of summer with a good activity. Then he grew up and is helping disadvantaged youth in high school in Colorado. I love the reflections of your banana boat!

  2. I love the reflections too!

  3. The Board of Trade are responsible for the very important safety aspects of such a passenger boat. They lay down regulations covering regular vessel inspections, life jackets, fire prevention, crew training and the maximum number of passengers. Many years ago a very tragic accident occurred in Gargrave lock on the Leeds and Liverpool when many disabled persons were drowned sitting in their boat as it capsized and filled with water. Crew incompetence was blamed.